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Pigmy Hog Re Introduction – Phase 2, 2021

Pigmy Hog Re Introduction – Phase 2, 2021

Twelve captive-bred pygmy hogs have been released in Manas National Park of Assam by the Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme (PHCP) on 22nd and 26th June 2021. This is a second time Pygmy hogs are reintroduced in Manas after successfully released fourteen Pygmy Hogs in 2020.

The Programme proposes to release about sixty pygmy hogs over the next 5 years in Manas from 2020. The iconic species now returns to their home where their last original population still survives but has dramatically declined.

Manas Field Director, Mr. Amal Chandra Sarma stated that, “In recent years, Manas is really doing well in conservation and with the release of these hogs in Bhuyanpara range, the hog population will be increased, and this may attract more visitors to the Park.”

Manas contains some of the largest remaining grassland blocks in the sub-Himalayan grassland ecosystems. Found only in these tall dense alluvial grasslands, pygmy hogs are incredibly shy and are almost never seen.