Manas Tiger Reserve

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The Endangered Hare (Caprolagus hispidus) is conserved in Manas TR.

Reptiles And Amphibians

Manas TR recorded more that 42 species of reptiles and 17 species of amphibians

Pigmy Hog

The Endangered species (Porcula salvania) is a part of Conservation in Manas TR

Exotic Birding

Manas TR is a heaven for birding lovers with over 475 species of Birds recorded

Its All Cats' Family

Small Endangered cats to Big Cat like Tigers, Manas TR is loved by them all.

Fishes in Manas TR

More than 60 species of fishes recorded in Manas TR


A Brief about Manas

Manas Tiger Reserve ( MTR ) is a very old animal habitat in India. More than a century ago, in 1905 AD it was proposed to be a Reserve Forest and later in 1907 AD, it became Reserve Forest. Then in 1928 AD, Manas became Wildlife Sanctuary (with 360 sq. km).

In 1973 AD, Manas was declared among Indis’s First Tigere Reserves under Project Tiger of Govt. of India. ie., Manas Tiger Reserve.

Thereafter in 1985 AD, Manas was declared a World Heritage Site (Natural) by UNESCO for Outstanding Universal Conservation Value.

Manas with a large area of 2837.12 sq.kms was declared as a Biosphere Reserve in 1989 AD.

In 1990 AD, Manas was declared a National Park with a core area of 500 sq.kms.. ie. Manas National Park

Manas was also famous for its elephants and therefore in 2003, it was declared as an Elephant Reserve.

Under Indian Rhino Vision 2020, Manas was re-introduced with famous One Horned Rhinoceros in 2006 AD.

Manas, being a strategic location for tiger corridor of the Eastern Himalayas, the Tiger Reserve was marked as its Critical Tiger Habitat for 804.04 Sq.Kms in 2008 AD.

Manas is also recognised as a Tiger Source Site for Conservation in 2014.

The First Addition Area of 350.00 Sq.Kms was added to Manas National Park in 2016 AD.

Manas is also know to be a outstanding landscape variations within its territory which joins Bhutan in the north.

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